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By ki korsik

We are currently living a crisis rarely seen before, and this touches the sport world as well. When in some countries, depending on the sport, fans can attend games with just a few restrictions, in the majority of countries, games have to be played behind closed doors.

A creative sport event team went the extra mile to fill up their stadium.

 How did they stand out?


This original idea came from the National Football League team Denver Boncos when they hosted a game against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The club filled several sectors of the stadium with characters from the cult TV series South Park.

The appearance of the South Park characters at the Denver Broncos stadium is not a coincidence. The club logo has been featured many times in the series – for example on the lamp standing on Stan’s Desk. Plus, the fictional town of South Park is located in the state of Colorado – the state of the “Denver Broncos”.

Along with the cardboard heroes, the match was also attended by 5,700 fans – the first live spectators after the coronavirus pause (the total capacity of the arena is 76,125).

You know I think: this idea is not about increasing the loyalty of your own fans, but about attracting attention in general. So to speak, to raise a positive buzz around the club.

In my opinion, it turned out cool, because in this way the club managed to attract the attention of a potentially new audience. What is important, the news was read by both sports fans and South Park fans. That’s around 48 million people, only on social media accounts. The news spread around the world so quickly that the club’s marketers simply did not have time to fully enjoy their success.

Also, they did not forget about their own social media. Figures from Southpark and the resulting photos and videos are content that will definitely be discussed, get reposts, and so on.

Of course, safety is above all. Employees of the club made sure that none of the rules for visiting the stadium was violated and equipped each South Park character with a mask.

A fresh idea and a cool result in terms of marketing from the Denver Broncos.


“Never let a good crisis go to waste” – Winston Churchill

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