small club, big ideas


By ki korsik

One of the most interesting ideas during the crisis came to the top management of a modest European standards football club Aarhus from Denmark.

Together with «Zoom» the club employees installed large screens along the field so that supporters could attend the game from their homes and be as close as possible to their team.

What exactly did the club do and what came out of it?

Excellent work with Fans

It’s well known that football is a community experience. This is a chance for people to get together. During the virus fulfilling this very need proved to be an unsolvable task for many clubs. In times of crisis, creativity and innovation can be the solution, and Aarhus has proved it. Not only did the Aarhus club agree with Zoom to connect fans to the online broadcast of the match, but at the same time it organized a video conference with a chat where fans could exchange their emotions and impressions about the game.

Everyone in the world could buy a ticket

Tickets were available worldwide, but only those tickets that were not taken by the “season pass” holders. In this way, the club showed care and respect for its loyal fans, but also showed openness when working with a potentially new audience.

Collaboration with Zoom

Cooperation with zoom shows that the clubs management did not sit still during the quarantine but tried their best to find various ways to solve the problem. The contract with zoom has increased the reputation and respect for the clubs management, which has a positive impact on the brand image.

Feedback colletion

Any feedback is very important when testing something new. The clubs employees  correctly approached the issue of collecting information from fans. You could leave your feedback during and after the game on the official website of the Aarhus Football team. This helped the club to gather important information from the fans like e-mail addresses and contact

information. It also extended the experience of attending the game and makes fans think about the last game again

Coverage in mass media

Since the club was an innovator in this direction, media from all over the world could not miss this event. The innovative approach has been mentioned by such giants as the Guardian and the BBC. What could be better than this in terms of marketing and branding?

I think it was exactly by adapting to the new reality and creativity that the club managed to attract public attention and thus increase brand awareness and improve the reputation of the club.

“Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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